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Biolytix Southern Africa

"All the water that will ever be is, right now"

– National Geographic, 1993

Reuse every drop, every day

97% of the earth's water is in the oceans

Only 3% of the earth's water can be used as drinking water

"Worms are the intestines of the Earth" (and Biolytix)

– Aristotle

"One flush uses as much water as the average person in the developing world uses the whole day"

– Caren Trafford

South Africa is a semi-arid country with an average rainfall of 450mm, that is well below the global average of 860mm

"Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you"

– Frank Lloyd Wright

About 12 million people in South Africa have no access to clean drinking water

About 50% of rural households in South Africa have no piped water

Reuse every drop, every day

Biolytix vs Other Treatment Methods

The Biolytix Approach

In the Biolytix system, the principal used by traditional systems, where the presence of solid matter essentially hinders the breakdown process, is turned on its head. Here, solids are first screened from the water and retained in a moist environment, surrounded by air, where a large, complex ecosystem of different organisms breaks it down into a soil-like material (humus). As it is broken down, this humus actually becomes the filter medium, supporting the growth and multiplication of the waste-processing organisms, and effectively turning the problem into the solution. In fact, Biolytix holds an international patent covering the use of “the breakdown of waste material as the filter for cleansing wastewater.” This is not a new technology, however: This is exactly what has been happening on rain-forest floors for millions of years.

A Living, Self-Regenerating Matrix

What is remarkable about this humus, besides the fact that it is produced from the very waste which it is treating, is that it forms the ideal environment for waste treatment to occur. It has a massive surface area, which provides space for a vast amount of organisms to live and do their work, while not actually being submerged, yet it is 90% water by weight. This means that it is essentially a column of water, but with the advantage that it is exposed to a far higher concentration of oxygen (22%) than what is possible in water (less than 1%). The outcome of all this frenzied activity is a continuous and ongoing reduction in particle size, until a stable medium has been formed. Every cubic metre of the humus matrix in a mature Biolytix filter bed has a calculated internal surface area estimated to be 450 square kilometres.

The humus and all the organisms in it form a living, self-regenerating matrix, in which decomposing and fully degraded organic matter form a physical and biological filter medium for attachment of a much more diverse range of organisms than is possible with conventional treatment processes.

Traditional Systems

Most current wastewater treatment systems use the principle of a settlement chamber, in which solids are allowed to settle out of the water and form a layer of sludge at the bottom. Here the wastewater is broken down by bacteria and other micro-organisms, using either aerobic (oxygen-requiring) or anaerobic (non-oxygen-requiring) processes. These treatment systems are what is commonly known as septic or conservation tanks. In any system, the more aerobic activity there is, the faster the waste breaks down. Thus, the amount of oxygen available determines to a large extent how quickly the waste will be processed. In addition, anaerobic breakdown usually produces strong, unpleasant odours. Some systems attempt to optimize the process by using multiple tanks and or chambers to aid settling, or increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen by pumping air into the water. Installing multiple tanks, however, takes up a lot of space, and injecting oxygen into the water to speed up the breakdown processes, requires a pump with a supply of electricity, which adds to the cost of operation.

Biolytix Filtration is a highly efficient wastewater treatment process

Biolytix systems quickly separate the organic matter (solids) from the wastewater and provide specialized organisms to treat it aerobically. We don’t know of any treatment process that is more efficient than a Biolytix system. It is at least 10 times more efficient (i.e. it uses less space and/or power to give equivalent treatment) than aquatic treatment processes, such as ‘activated sludge’ or ’sequenced batch reactors’, and can treat up to ten times the organic loading of rival technologies - such as sceptic and conservation tanks.

Biolytix Filtration is also more resilient

Many wastewater treatment systems use chemicals to clean the water. These systems then run the risk of chemical aberrations, such as accidental or chronic additions of toxic substances, like chlorine bleaches, disinfectants or pharmaceuticals. These aberrations can produce catastrophic failures, putting natural systems at great risk. By contrast, the Biolytix system does not use any chemicals, instead it uses a diverse ecosystem living in an organic matrix to treat the wastewater. An additional benefit of the Biolytix system is that toxic chemicals within wastewater are also partially neutralized by the organic matter. The meandering flow paths of a Biolytix system where mixing and dilution occurs prevent the organisms from being over exposed to any toxic chemicals present. This allows the system to rapidly recover and re-colonize, ensuring a great deal of resilience in the system.

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